Saturday, September 10, 2016

White Walls #22: The Great Big Summer Show, Part 2!

Hi again everyone,

I told you I'd be back soon! Here I am, with Part 2 of my summer show. I'm featuring a lot of the same people as I did in Part 1, like River Whyless, Junip, and Mnadolin Orange, plus a few others including Basia Bulat and Gregory Alan Isakov. It's a fun show and only possible because of the help of dear friend. Thank you, CC! Couldn't have done it without you!

Don't forget to tune into the other wonderful shows this weekend on SpiritPlantsRadio! It's a fun line-up!!

We've made it to September. It's starting to smell like autumn and I can't wait for all that entails. Hope you're enjoying this in-between time, and I'll see you again soon!

Take care,
DJ Blue